VG Heroes VS. Kimi's Quest is an RPG Maker VX Ace computer game that is a crossover between VG Heroes and Kimi's Quest.It is an Action RPG.
Title Screen


VG HeroesEdit

# Name Game Based Off
1 Mario World Super Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars
2 Sonic World Sonic the Hedgehog 2
3 Final Fantasy World Final Fantasy 4(2 in NA)
4 Pac-Man World Pac-Land
5 The Legend of Zelda World Zelda II:The Adventure of Link
6 Pokemon World Pokemon Emerald
7 Mega Man World Mega Man X3
8 Metal Slug World Metal Slug Advance
9 Final World N/A

Kimi's QuestEdit

# Name
1 Ice Cave
2 Fire Cave
3 Wind Cave
4 Thunder Cave
5 Earth Cave
6 The Castle
7 Underworld Castle
8 Final World

Locations and TownsEdit

# Name
1 Zexel's House
2 Kimi's House
3 Dream Castown
4 Joheki Mura Village
5 Sala Desert Town

Party MembersEdit

Name Nickname World Member Appears In
Zexel VG Hero N/A
Cell Sister of VG Hero N/A
Kimi Silver Samurai N/A
Kai Kimi's Brother N/A
Mario Jumpman Mario World
Sonic The Blue Blur Sonic World
Tails Miles Prower Sonic World
Cecil Harvey Final Fantasy World
Pac-Man Puck Man Pac-Man World
Link Silent Hero of Hyrule Legend of Zelda World
Brendan Hero Pokemon World
May Heroine Pokemon World
Mega Man X X Mega Man World
Zero Mega Man World
Tyra Metal Slug World
Walter Metal Slug World
???(Xevan) ??? Forest of Code
Sharon Zero Lost Mother Final World
Hana Zero Lost Mom Final World


  • Xevan
  • Zexel
  • Cell
  • Kimi
  • Kai