This page contains spoilers to VG Heroes 1.Read at your own risk.

Worlds are the places that Zexel goes to.They are based on various video games and/or video game series.There are also subworlds,which are short-lenghed worlds based off another game in the series the main world was based off of.There are also Minigames,which are short,optional,playable minigames also based off the game or series of the main world.

Lists of WorldsEdit

VG Heroes 1Edit


Game Based on

Intro World N/A (Original World)
Super Mario World           Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Final Fantasy World           Final Fantasy (NES)
Pokemon World           Pokemon Red and Blue (Gameboy)     
Legend of Zelda World The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Megaman World

Mega Man (NES)

Sonic World Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA Genesis)
Pacman World(Optional) Pac-Man (Arcade)
Dragon Quest World Dragon Quest/Warrior (NES)
Final World N/A (Original World

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